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Helpful Tips For Exhibitors To Showcase Their Business Via Digital Signage In A Trade Exhibition

17 Jan, 2017

If you live in a metro or a big city, you would have seen digital LED screens outdoors and even indoors displaying some visual content promoting certain types of products/services of a company. This is a turn of the tide that organizations rather than using the traditional form of advertising their business are using the cutting-edge interactive digital signage solutions for improved benefits. In fact, Digital Signage Products are just the ticket for gripping the attention of the targeted mass like a dream. Suppose if you are walking over the road or shopping in a shopping mall where you happen to see a service/product demo on a digital signage screen, will not you spend some time to check out what the company has to offer? I bet you will.

So if you have a business and want to showcase your business via digital signage in an exhibition, here are a few salient tips to be considered:

1. Use 3G network. Exhibiting at trade show typically proves exorbitant as a result of the rental and the cost of internet connection. The best way to address the cost factor is to use the 3G network and integrate a wireless network card into the media player.

2. Discard the idea of using Internet connection. Instead of using the internet, another wonderful idea is to preload all your media into a memory card and insert the memory card into the Digital Signage . This is a great substitute for an internet connection and you can easily broadcast your data from your media accessory.

3. Create your content very well. The content that is targeted to be exhibited across your targeted audiences must be of the first-rate quality. In every business event, it is common for the venue seething with noisy activities thus creating a variety of distractions for the audience. So if you wish to entrance the heart of the audiences, it is very important that your content excels in presentation and information from other exhibitors uniquely. One thing to make a note of is to not make the content a full corporate presentation. Also, ensure a short and brief presentation leaves a very good impression on the audiences and persuades them to utilize your business resources.

4. Select the appropriate screen size. It is a good thought to choose the right digital display screen for your business booth. Your business event show would have certain types of guidelines about the screen size. So it is a thought worth the consideration that you check with the relevant management about it.

5. Position your digital display appropriately. Always position the largest screen at the rear of your booth and the smaller screens at the facade.

It is very hard for exhibitors to do without digital signage these days. It seems even in the near and far future, Interactive Digital Signage Solutions will be in vogue.

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