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How To Enable Outdoor Digital Signage Products To Work In Winter

08 Mar, 2017

Digital outdoor signage is a very effective way to reach out to your targeted audiences. In summer, it's simple, because mild weather conditions promote the proper functioning of screens and kiosks. Several factors can affect your digital signage system in the winter, so with this purport in mind, we will help you understand how Outdoor Digital Signage can work during the winter season.

1 - Product quality

The most important factor to consider when buying your screens and kiosks is the quality of the latter. Knowing that you want to install screens in an environment where weather conditions are changing and sometimes hostile (cold, humidity, arid heat, etc.), it is worth the idea to invest in some good screens that can withstand such changes in temperature. You can seek advice from industry experts to understand your needs and be sure to invest in a quality product that can withstand the four seasons.

A high-quality display has a built-in ventilation system to prevent moisture damage. Outdoor screens that you are going to install during cold weather must be able to withstand the harshness of winter very well. A screen designed to operate in extreme conditions in a cold area will be waterproof and insulated to withstand water, cold, exposure to the sun, summer heat and other natural phenomena.

Do not forget to get a screen with excellent brightness so that people watching its content are able to see what is being broadcast even when the monitor is facing the powerful rays of the sun. If your screen is not suitable for the outside environment (but still it features quality), you will not be able to see what it displays. Check over your Smartphone or a laptop; you will find it difficult to capture information.

2 - Managing your screens remotely

Get an operating system that will allow you to manage your screens from your computer. This way, you can immediately know when there is a problem. Most of the time, you can fix this problem on your computer. It is important to know what is displayed on your screens and how to manage it at all times.

You can also change the content of your screens from your computer. For example, if your screens are installed in a ski resort, inform the skiers of the next weather alert.

3. The installation of a protective housing

To protect your Outdoor Digital Display Screens , you will need to purchase a heated, ventilated protective case to cover each screen. The housing must be transparent and very rigid to withstand the weather, sun, frost, snow, rain, etc. It will act as a shield for your screens, which should be protected as much as possible.

In addition, with such protection, your external digital displays are less likely to be vandalized or stolen. Better, the case is damaged than a screen.

Finally, if you decide to invest in outdoor Digital Signage , make sure to do your research beforehand. It is important to know the orientation of your screen, the level of brightness, the vibrations of the ground, the climatic conditions and the risks of vandalism. Last but not least, make sure you have access to electricity and the Internet!

If you have questions about installing a setup of outdoor digital display, do not hesitate to contact SVANTAH, the leading digital signage solution provider in India. We will save the possibilities of a lot of headaches!

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