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SVANTAH - Delivering The First-class Solutions For Indoor Digital Signage

07 Feb, 2017

At SVANTAH , the leading digital signage platform India, we control all the screens in the smartest way, from a single point; we control all the content that appears on the screens, both the order of appearance and the time and day when they are displayed. We have the absolute control of all the information customers will see when they pass in front of the store, a shop window or inside them at all points where a display monitor is.

We also take care of the installation, we can manage these dynamic digital signage products in form of visual screens anywhere in India, then they will be centrally controlled from our offices. We can performing the management of all the content and its publication in each of the monitors separately or as a whole according to the preferences and needs of each business.

Our Indoor Digital Signage Solutions can be used for any type of business. You can put company’s own content, corporate videos that show the processes of realization and manufacture or sample of other works realized. Ideas are unlimited to turn this medium into an ideal communication medium.

What types of business are you thinking of?


Digital signage displays can engage customers through content with images and dynamic content.


You can communicate content to customers and employees thanks to the digital screens.


Digital signage in banks improves customer service.


Informing thousands of people on the same platform can make the job a lot easier.


Digital screens with menus are an easy way to announce offers or menu changes. It helps to promote interaction with customers and increase brand image.

Our digital transmits all communication of your company in a totally controlled way.

Regardless of whether you need a complete installation for commercial signage, or for digital menus, even if it's about showing a video in a company's waiting rooms, with new hardware and software for content management, we at SVANTAH has the entire digital signage products will have all the freedom of control of the screens.

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