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SVANTAH's Digital Signage Solutions - Engage Your Targeted Customers And Grab Their Attention

01 Mar, 2017

Digital display solutions add zing to your wide-ranging promotional content such as text, information, images and animations, and facilitate enormous flexibility for upgrades. You can even place the digital signage screens in a wide range of environments for example, offices, shops, public places, educational sites .. almost everywhere.

At SVANTAH, we offer a wide range of digital signage platforms to help you set up and connect your dynamic display screens, including wall-mounted video solutions, switches and wired/wireless extenders to keep your media sources out of sight. We can help you convey your message in HD Screen to get the sharpest images and the highest possible resolution, which is particularly appreciated for large screens.

Engage your targeted customers by offering timely and relevant information tailored to their tastes. At SVA NTAH, our digital signage solutions are guaranteed to make your content appealing to your business.


Reasons to Choose our Digital Signage Solutions:

SVANTAH’s high-tech and Interactive Digital Signage Solutions offer you the following benefits:

1. Access the amazing LTE network

By having access to a network that serves a mass of clients in India, you can quickly and confidently deliver targeted messages via digital signage anywhere in the country.

2. Enjoy a seamless network.

Periodically, we test our network and ensure that your business solution runs smoothly.

3. Avail of the inclusive support from our qualified specialists.

SVANTAH has a team of expert advisors to help you design, execute, support and deal with all your business communications solutions.

4. Targeted advertising

Promptly deliver targeted messages and promotions according to location, time of day, and other criteria.

5. Dynamic display

Attract new customers and improve customer service via dynamic Digital Signage in busy places.

6. Creating and delivering content rapidly

Easily create professional content and virtual displays with a simple, intuitive "drag-and-drop" tool that enables you to deliver content in real-time from a central location.

So what is the wait for? Utilize SVANTAH’s state-of-the-art Digital Signage Platform to promote your business the most dynamic and effective way.

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