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SVANTAH, the preeminent digital signage services vendor, facilitates your digital signage network to gather real-time data with the view to generating performance analytics. This way, you will be able to understand quite well how your consumers actually respond to marketing content, so you can gauge, perk up, and keep a journal of your campaign’s performance. However, it is your misapprehension if you guess this is the end point. If real-time analytics are integrated into a digital sign’s CMS, it can also make potential dynamic, targeted advertising via content “triggers”.

Here is a good example to help you better understand the crux of targeted advertising. Just suppose that you are passing through a shopping complex to buy apparel, and a digital screen that is located just next to you all of a sudden changes from displaying tire-related ads to high-quality apparel automatically. It is trite and commonplace for this type of advertising to be fallen upon online, but the Digital out of Home advertising (DOOH) is spanking new-- thanks to the content triggers. Triggers are a set of parameters that lead your digital signage CMS all the way a campaign to play a particular type of content based on the visitors within close propinquity, past performance (which is generated from SVANTAH’s analytics interface). This lets DOOH networks to use extra customized, relevant content in real time to carry out the performance.

SVANTAH’s Digital Signage delivers high-grade customized solutions that consist of Media Players, Display Software and Remote Management, and Technical Support - all as a combined solution.

Our Service Features:

  •    Use Remote Management from anywhere - anytime - any device - Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Phone (Android, iPhone or Blackberry).
  •    Compact Media Players that has a small foot print and requires no special installation - just plug and play.
  •   Create content using over 1,000 customizable templates - just add your picture and text.
  •    Display images.
  •    Display video.
  •    Display websites.
  •    Unlimited disk space on our servers.
  •    Unlimited updates.
  •    Display LIVE Weather - Current Conditions, Short Term and Weekly Forecast
  •    3 Content scheduling options.
    • Target content to all screens in your network.
    • Target content to a sub-set of screens by creating your own groups (based on Zip, type of business, etc.
    • Target specific screens in your network.
  •    Schedule content for display at particular time of day.
  •    Schedule content for display on particular days of week.
  •    View proof of display logs online.
  •    View status of each Media Player - whether displaying or not.

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