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SVANTAH Forges The Membership With ASCI

29 Nov, 2016

SVANTAH, the leading digital marketing agency in Bhopal has recently become a member of Advertising Standards Council of India or ASCI, the India-based self-governing organization, responsible for marketing the content of websites. For a leading digital company SVANTAH, which has been delivering exceptional performance for almost a decade, these achievements are not out of the ordinary but are the deserving ones without a doubt. Also, SVANTAH standards of advertising are in sync with the standards of ASCI organization, so it naturally follows that the premier digital marketing company merits the crowning achievement. Precisely, ASCI seeks to ensure that advertisements are in sync with the code for self-regulation requiring advertisement to be:

->Honest Representation
->on-Offensive to Public
->Against Harmful Products/Situations
->Fair in Competition

Coincidentally, SVANTAH was all the way found compatible with the aforesaid Code of ASCI and is proud of reaching the milestone.

“We are delighted to forge the long-term partnership with Advertising Standards Council of India or ASCI. We are thankful to our team members who make efforts to step up the prestige and esteem of our company on a continuing basis.  Without them, it would always be a pipe dream to merit the achievement. While we are now a recognized ASCI member, it emboldens our confidence to deliver better performance for our clients over time”, said Mr. Akhilesh Hurmade, CEO of SVANTAH.

About ASCI

Similar to the different countries all over the globe, India too has a self-governing organization (SGO) when it involves marketing the content – The Advertising Standards Council of India (or ASCI) was established back in 1985. The three key factors of marketing industry include marketing, marketing companies and media came close to one another to create this self-governing NGO. The basic objective of ASCI is to keep up and step up the public's confidence in marketing. Their authorization is that all marketing stuff must be ingenuous, above-board and truthful, well mannered and not exteriorize women, safe for customers – particularly the kids, and last but not the least, reasonable to their competitors.


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