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SVANTAH- The Premier Digital Signage Company Assures To Generate Maximum Revenue Via The Revenue Sharing Signage Services

28 Nov, 2016

SVANTAH is geared up and in great fervency to help you by turning around your business sales and revenues like never before via its magic revenue sharing signage services! So get ready to turn your potential visitors into permanent end users of your business, while delivering them a first-class experience!

We are committed to delivering moneymaking as well as ROI-oriented digital signage solutions. So while you choose us to make the most of our revenue sharing signage services, we allow you leverage our network of Hardware & Software vendors to create and deliver an unsullied and reasonably priced solutions for you.

We at SVANTAH are your ultimate partners to cater to your Revenue Digital Signage needs end to end proficiently. It so comes about that clients are searching for Digital Signage integration into their retail space, but are baffled with the wide-ranging technologies available. Our team can act as a catalyst to deliver the idyllic solutions based on the client’s need(s).

It does not matter whether it is a regular design for your marketing crusade, or even a sophisticated way-finding tool for a shopping mall, we are confident to deliver the wonderful solution.

Screen Activations
A variety of screens has been set up in a mass of public locations viz. hospitals, governmental departments and retail spaces. The basic intent and purport of setting up the screens in these locations were to keeping customers busy who typically wait for their turn. It was a pipe dream at that time that the strategy of Dynamic Digital Signage could be instrumental in generating revenue from these screens. However, with the dawn of moneymaking Android media players, SVANTAH will set off these screens through these media players by dint of 3G connectivity. This will facilitate remote content management and utilization on these screens. The screen owners thus can draw revenue from the screens instead of simply exhibiting certain TV channels.

Turnkey Digital Signage Consulting
Possessing copious experience in the industry of digital signage and knowledge of cost structures, SVANTAH can put forward services where clients can make the most of their mistakes by converting it into great marketing revenue. We can help you offer bespoke Digital Signage integrations based on the client needs and the budgets. A content bond can be coupled with this service, where succeeding tie-up with advertisers will be strategized. A revenue-sharing deal can, therefore, be made between the client and the Company. Direct Digital Signage equipment supplier relations will make sure great margins and minimum endeavors.

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