Redefining Digital AdvertisIng

Who We Are

SVANTAH is committed to offering you a wide range of sumptuous Digital Signage solutions to help your business earn the limelight like never before. We offer both indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions using the high-end and world-class digital marketing technologies to deliver you a one of a kind experience ! As a result of our interactive, powerful and customized solutions contribute mightily to bring your customers close to you at the right time, with the right message, thus again delivering dynamic experiences.

It has been almost 10 years since we at SVANTAH have been dealing in digital signage industry and delivering excellent solutions to businesses all over the world. Every signage solution we offer varies from business to business. Also while our service and solutions are custom designed, it will achieve your business objectives and goals.

We pay full attention to urging your customers with our superb, aerodynamic digital signage commercial display ads, which make a display of a variety of content, contributing to that additional value which no other product can offer.

What’s more, our digital signage experts are always ready to guide and help you in resolving the right signage solution and interface, which can deliver a powerful impact on your content strategy.

Why SVANTAH’s Digital Signage Solutions?

Which company you are going to choose for your business creates a deep impact on the bottom-line of your business. Choosing a reputable and leading digital signage company in Bhopal such as SVANTAH, you can feel stress-free to the fullest. After all, our signage solutions involve the HD quality displays, ultimate signage player and software that deliver world-class performance and world-class customer experience.

Here are some other more specific reasons to choose SVANTAH’s digital signage solutions?

  • Distend your multi-channel content approach.
  • Cut down professed wait times by giving information and entertainment to the queued customers.
  • Stretch out and market to a maximum number of customers by substituting static poster displays.
  • Deliver synchronized information to customers.
  • Drive traffic to the exact areas by way-finding ability.
  • Create attractive and dynamic content to distend customer experience.
  • Grab the attention to promotions and cross-sell/up-sell in different major locations.
  • Tool to generate extra business revenue.
  • Cut down the print advertising cost.
  • 24/7 nonstop content supervision and development.
  • Targeted customers schedule and manage real-time content more efficiently.
  • Upgrade content in a single click and put in a range of news tickers, weather, RSS feed widgets etc.

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